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Why You Should Always Get A Second Opinion After A Serious Medical Diagnosis

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Why You Should Always Get A Second Opinion After A Serious Medical Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis that you were not expecting can be life-changing. Not only is it important to understand your diagnosis and doctor’s recommendations, but it is also crucial to seek a second doctor’s opinion.

Based on a study by the Mayo Clinic, about 12 percent of people that obtained a second opinion came back with the same exact diagnosis. However, 21 percent of people received a completely different medical diagnosis. That means the remaining 67 percent of those that received a second opinion obtained a modified diagnosis or treatment plan.

Causes for Medical Misdiagnosis and Error

Since medical error is one of the top five leading reasons for death in the U.S., medical misdiagnosis is the main reason for malpractice lawsuits. This is why getting a second opinion is so important. However, why do patients receive misdiagnoses from medical doctors? Below are a number of reasons:

  • Misinterpreted lab and test results

  • Lack of enough time spent with patients to be able to gather all of the patients' symptoms

  • Not ordering proper screening for illnesses/diseases

  • Lack of follow-ups conducted with referred specialists

  • Patients not referred to the correct specialists

  • Lack of follow-ups with patients and their test results

  • Improper performance of tests

Furthermore, there is the possibility that a diagnosis can be ignored entirely. Such behavior leads to serious consequences because several diseases/illnesses require immediate treatment and time is of the essence. However, other times you can have a missed diagnosis without sustaining compensatory damages. To have a medical malpractice claim for a missed diagnosis, you have to prove that you suffered measurable damages, such as loss of function, loss of income, loss of life, and other medical expenses.

You Are Your Own Health Advocate

With physicians being deemed the authority in the medical field, it can feel overwhelming to question anything a doctor says to you. But, physicians are human and still make mistakes.

Whenever you receive a serious/life-threatening diagnosis or risky treatment plan, you should obtain a second opinion. Doctors usually encourage patients to obtain second opinions. You may want to ask them for a recommendation to a different physician. Also, you should understand your insurance policy and what obtaining a second opinion can mean for your coverage.

Always advocate for your health and yourself, it is vital. Do not be discouraged to research for yourself, ask questions, and share any relevant research.

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