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6 Frequent Mistakes Drivers Make After A Car Accident

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

No one can predict when a car accident will occur. The moment a collision happens, you hear a loud crunch, and your whole body jerks forward, leaving you in shock. Another vehicle just smacked into you and panic starts to set in. Your adrenaline begins to rush throughout your body, and if you’re not careful, you can make large errors that could affect the outcome of your case.

Mistake 1: Never Calling the Police

Neglecting to call the police is a large mistake that drivers tend to make after a vehicle collision. Even if the accident may be a fender-bender, neglecting to call the police makes filing your injury claim with the insurance carrier extremely difficult. Accident reports are very helpful. They offer witnesses statements and other valuable information that attorneys and insurance adjusters need to decide fault.

Mistake 2: Fleeing the Accident Scene

Sadly, fleeing the accident scene happens a lot and comes with serious consequences in Alabama. Fleeing the accident scene is a criminal offense, and you can be accused of a hit and run, which usually calls for expensive fines and jail time.

Mistake 3: Admitting Fault

No matter who you think is at fault, never admit fault at the accident scene. An admission of fault can make you responsible for property and injury damages incurred by the other driver.

Mistake 4: Never Receiving Medical Treatment.

Never receiving medical treatment can be extremely risky; especially, if you decide to file an injury claim later in the future. Many times, injuries or pain symptoms from a collision are masked until several days after a wreck. Internal bleeding and head injuries are typical injuries after a car accident, and they require urgent medical care. Therefore, never wait to seek medical treatment.

Mistake 5: Talking to Insurance Carriers With No Attorney

Talking with an insurance adjuster is extremely risky. Insurance carriers are similar to police officers and strictly abide by “Everything you say can and will be used against you.” Therefore, never give insurance carriers any information or specific facts before speaking with an experienced attorney.

Mistake 6: Agreeing to a Settlement Without Speaking With an Attorney

An insurance carrier will rarely give you the best value for your case. Only through impending threats of litigation and possible court fees will insurance carriers view your case with the attentiveness and compensation you deserve. Legal representation is at the crux of showing the insurance carrier you have the experience of a legal team working tirelessly for you. Therefore, contact the Bryant Law Firm, LLC, at 205-267-8561, if you have been injured in a car accident. We Put Your Wellbeing First!


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