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After an Auto Accident, You May Be Entitled to “Loss of Use” for Your Vehicle

Updated: Feb 23

At the Bryant Law Firm, LLC, we understand the difficulties of property damage claims. Loss of use claims are similar to rental car claims. If your vehicle is damaged and not driveable due to a collision, the at-fault party covers your rental vehicle or compensates you monetarily for time lost without the use of your vehicle.

Loss of use car insurance coverage may be cost-effective if you rely on your vehicle for daily commuting and other responsibilities.

A loss of use claim follows your original accident claim. Once you drop off your car for repairs, your insurance company pays for your substitute transportation costs. Insurance carriers usually set their own coverage limits, typically by putting a cap on the number of days or providing a per diem amount for the rental, like $50 per day.

If your loss of use claim is being unfairly denied, let us help you. Contact the Bryant Law Firm, LLC, at 205-267-8561 for a free consultation. We Put Your Wellbeing First.

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