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What Rules Should I Create for My New Teenage Driver?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

There is nothing that comes close to the excitement of your teenage driver, and the worry, for you, of his or her obtaining a driver’s license. Your teenage driver pulling out of the driveway can be stressful and no parent wants to think about having to hire an Alabama accident attorney if their teenager is involved in a car wreck.

Prior to your teen’s first solo drive, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends parents create some “rules of the road:”

  • Set a curfew. Many parents have a curfew of 10:00 pm for their teen driver to have the car parked in the driveway. Driving at night differs from day driving and the chances of accidents rise significantly as night falls.

  • Sign a safety contract. Sign a contract that neither you nor your teen will text and drive or drink and drive. This shows that you and your teen are both committed to being safe drivers.

  • No more than one passenger in the car. If more than two teenagers ride in the car, it becomes too distracting. With teen passengers playing loud music and texting other friends, the vehicle can become noisy and the teen driver does not notice the road and other drivers.

  • Set penalties for violating rules. If it’s losing driving privileges for weeks or a month, loss of driving privileges halts freedom for your teen driver. More than anything, your teen driver wants to make full use of their license. Blocking this freedom will help them understand the importance of safe driving.

The Bryant Law Firm, LLC, recommends that parents take time to talk to their teen drivers about the rules and regulations for driving conduct prior to their first driving experience.

The Bryant Law Firm, LLC, is dedicated to the safety of every teenage driver and offers free consultations in the event of an automobile accident. Contact an experienced attorney at 205-267-8561.


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