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Ways To Handle Children At Home While Injured Throughout Covid-19

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

We at the Bryant Law Firm understand times are difficult for you and your loved ones due to uncertainty connected with Covid-19. We have created a guide to assist you in creating a normal routine during the quarantine. Whenever a parent or caregiver is injured throughout this time, things tend to seem extremely difficult. However, our legal team’s guide will help you gain control and steer your loved ones’ lives during this time.

1. Creating Structure: Structure is important to keeping a well-balanced environment throughout this difficult time. Having daily schedules is always a great idea to keep you and your loved ones healthy. As an injured parent or caregiver, it is extremely important for you and your loved ones to create a daily routine. It may help to include your kids or loved ones in preparing a daily plan, as a way to allow for active participation while making a schedule everyone likes. - Awake early and no sleeping in - Keep a routine sleep schedule - Begin the day getting tasks done - Maintain the same meal times as any other day - Active movement is key to avoiding a stationary body - Strive to do other activities other than screen time (drawing, reading, or gardening) - Keep taking your prescribed medication to maintain your health 2. Movement Is Key Do not sit and view Hulu or Netflix the entire day! It is vital for your body to stay active, physically, and mentally. Daily walks to the mailbox or a walk around the neighborhood could help tremendously to your mental well-being, too. Of course, do not overwork your body, however, use any downtime to focus on active movement. As always, keep up with any exercise recommendations that your physician has specified for your injuries. 3. Be Proactive If possible, we recommend that you keep attendance at your doctor’s appointment while they are still open. Many doctors' offices are using virtual meetings or video conferences to conduct appointments. Though most people are home, this is the best chance to declutter and reorganize places in your home, i.e., closets, garages, and pantries. Home improvement projects may be a good time to stop putting off, as well. Most importantly, use this time to connect with loved ones as you all work together to gain common interests. Perhaps interact with your children by playing music as you clean the family car!


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