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Ways to Avoid Parking Lot Car Wrecks

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Car wrecks that occur in Alabama and create severe property damage that can require an attorney, usually occur in one specific dangerous driving area: Parking lots.

Right under 20 percent of all car wreck insurance claims come from an accident that occurred in a parking lot.

Even if you are getting groceries or just running a mundane errand to the mall, here are a few tactics to avoid a parking lot car collision.

Safety Tactic 1: Park facing outward. When pulling backward out of a parking spot, this usually requires negotiating blind spots. This leads to about a quarter of parking lot collisions occurring when a driver is backing out. With sufficient space, drivers can avoid this risk by parking in a way that gives you the ability to pull forward as you exit the parking spot.

Safety Tactic 2: Use peripheral vision. A large number of parking lot wrecks occur due to drivers’ tunnel vision. Drivers become too obsessed with getting to a certain parking spot, they do not see the pedestrians or other cars around them.

Safety Tactic 3: Exercise politeness. Many drivers are careless in parking lots due to parking lots lacking signage to remind drivers of common driving manners and traffic rules. Also, parking lots are usually busy and overcrowded. This fact should determine an increased level of defensive driving than on normal highways and roads.

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