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Three Tips for Safe Driving Around Tractor-Trailers & Commercial Trucks

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

At the Bryant Law Firm, LLC, our experience regarding truck collisions and tractor-trailer collisions are constant reminders of the added safety needed for mainstream drivers as they share the road with commercial vehicles.

It is common for our Alabama traffic accident news to be bombarded with headlines showing what can go wrong when drivers or commercial vehicle drivers are negligent on the road.

Vehicle drivers can find themselves sharing highway lanes with large trucks. Below are three tips to avoid causing a collision:

No. 1: Keep a proper lookout -- This is important when something unusual occurs on the road, like the presence of a large commercial vehicle, it is important to be extremely aware and alert of your surroundings.

No. 2: Passing patiently -- Try not to cut off or swerve in front of a commercial truck or tractor-trailer. Larger vehicles may not be able to slow down with the same response as smaller vehicles.

No. 3: Watch blind-spots -- Commercial vehicles have more blind spots. Therefore, make sure to allow every tractor-trailer on the road lots of space and avoid tailgating at all times.

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