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Should You Seek Medical Attention After A Car Accident During Covid-19?

What to do if you get in a car accident during Covid-19?

  1. Seek the Medical Attention You Need

Certain police and emergency responders have opted to screen calls, so they only spend their time answering to more severe crashes.

Regardless of what emergency personnel do or do not do, seek the medical attention you need. It is extremely important to your health and proving the value of your claim. If you are worried about contracting Covid-19 at your doctor’s office, many doctors’ offices are carefully practicing social distancing procedures. Nevertheless, you should always follow social distancing techniques, such as wearing masks and constantly washing your hands.

In the end, not seeking medical attention when you truly need it, places a dark cloud over your case.

2. Practice Patience, Persistence, and Document Your Injuries

What if you have relatively minor injuries and cannot see your doctor when you need to?

For instance, you have some cuts or bruises. However, you do not have anything that calls for going to the Emergency Room. It may also seem questionable as to if you even need to go to the hospital. However, do everything possible to visit your doctor as soon as you can. Even minor injuries can turn into more severe injuries later on.

Even whiplash, which is soreness, stiffness, and pain around your neck and upper back/shoulders, takes weeks after your accident to appear.

If you must wait a few weeks to visit your doctor because they are busy, wait it out and then go.

While you wait, shoot a video log and record a written diary about your daily experiences and injuries caused by your accident.

Juries and Courts are more likely to reason with you if you keep logs/photos of your injuries. It strongly adds to the credibility of your personal injury case.

3. The Worst Mistake You Can Make

The worst mistake you can make when injured is to do nothing. Neglecting to take action can place a huge damper on your case. Therefore, during Covid-19, have a bit more patience and persistence than normal, and always take action regarding your health.

If you, or someone you know, have been injured in a collision and need assistance with their personal injury case, contact Bryant Law Firm, LLC, at (205) 267-8561.

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