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Keeping Records After Your Car Accident

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The very first day after your car accident, you should keep track of records and important information to pursue your case to the fullest extent. You play a key part in the success of your auto accident case, and that starts even before you have hired an Alabama attorney.

Once you have been injured in a car accident or any other type of accident, be sure to record the following:

  • Witnesses - Record and keep information for any person involved in the car wreck or may have seen the incident happen.

  • Your expenses - Record all time you missed from work. In addition, record any medical bills you get and any expenses/co-pays you made when going to doctor appointments. You could be entitled to compensation for these damages.

  • Your doctors - Though your attorney usually gets the medical records for you, still keep a record of the doctors you see, when you saw them, why you saw them, and what they said to you. This information aids your attorney with finding and getting the medical records involved in your case.

  • Your daily activities - Keep a record of your daily activities after your injury. Mention your pain levels, sleeplessness, anxiety, and any other symptoms. Note any specific events you missed or can no longer perform due to your injuries.

  • Property Damage - Gather photos and receipts of any damaged property, such as your vehicle, clothing, and personal belongings that were damaged by the collision.

It is best to keep off social media during the course of your lawsuit and avoid talking to anyone about the suit. The use of seemingly meaningless Facebook posts can harm your case if taken out of context. At the discovery portion of your case, the defendant can request your phone records and social media activity if it is regarding your case.

Recording this information can not only benefit your attorney, but it can also create a more convincing and accurate account of your suffering and losses.

The Bryant Law Firm, LLC, offers free consultations in the event of an automobile accident or personal injury accident. Contact an experienced attorney at 205-267-8561.


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