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How Insurance Carriers Can Devalue Injury Cases

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Insurance carriers are just businesses like any other business. Therefore, insurance companies try to do anything they can to keep from paying the true value of your injury claim. Below are 5 sneaky ways insurance carriers tend to devalue or deny your injury claim.

1. Call Immediately After Your Car Wreck

It does not matter how friendly the insurance adjuster may appear, insurance adjusters are constantly on the insurance carrier’s side. You are not required to talk to an insurance adjuster. It is usually advised that you do not speak with an insurance adjuster until you have an attorney. Please remember that you are likely to be recorded on a call with an insurance adjuster. Therefore, whatever you tell the insurance adjuster can be used to devalue your claim.

2. Checking Your Social Media Presence

Though your social media profiles may be set to private, it is important to know that anything put on the web can be seen by any person. Insurance carriers will investigate your social media for any photos or posts that may make you appear fine or not injured.

3. Attempting to Convince You Do Not Need An Attorney

Insurance adjusters usually tell people that an attorney is not needed -- since an attorney will take a contingency fee. Nevertheless, studies show that people who hire a lawyer tend to receive larger settlement amounts.

4. Personal Surveillance

Insurance carriers tend to hire private investigators to watch you in order to catch anything that contradicts or hurts your injury claim. Something as simple as carrying grocery bags to your house can be used by the insurance carrier to devalue your claim.

5. Requesting Access to Your Medical Records

It may appear reasonable that the insurance carrier wants to view your medical records. However, know that when you provide authorization for your records, the insurance carrier has access to all of your medical records. The insurance carrier will try to look for any reason to blame your current injuries/symptoms on pre-existing injuries or previous conditions.

If you have sustained an injury from an accident, you do not have to pay for someone else’s negligence. Bryant Law Firm, LLC, has substantial experience in representing complicated medical malpractice cases. There is no charge for the Bryant Law Firm, LLC, to review your case. If we represent you, we will handle your case on a contingency fee basis (calculated as a percentage of the recovery we obtain). Call an experienced attorney at 205-267-8561 today. Trust our team. We Put Your Wellbeing First!


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