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Five Common Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Motorcycle riders love the independence and freedom of a ride on a motorcycle. However, the Bryant Law Firm, LLC, finds it increasingly important to remind every driver on the road of the extra dangers accompanied by motorcyclists.

No matter if you operate a car or truck or ride a motorcycle, it is beneficial to know basic road hazards regarding motorcycles. Below are some of the many common causes of motorcycle collisions:

  1. The motorcycle rider is cut-off by a left-turning vehicle that does not see the bike or improperly measures the speed at which the bike is traveling

  2. The motorcycle hits gravel on a blind corner. Motorcycle riders can avoid this hazard by traveling at a speed that gives them plenty of reaction time.

  3. The motorcyclist drives into a corner while traveling too fast.

  4. A car rear-ends the bike. In seconds, what could be a fender-bender between two vehicles is now a deadly circumstance for a motorcycle rider.

  5. A vehicle changes lanes and does not see the motorcycle (due to being in the vehicle’s blind spot) and then cuts off the rider.

If you were involved in an auto accident involving a motorcycle in Alabama, it is crucial to speak with an attorney so you know how best to proceed. The Bryant Law Firm, LLC, can help. Contact us for a free consultation at 205-267-8561.


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