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Finding the Safest Vehicle for Your Teenager

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The thought of giving over the car keys to a teenager can be daunting to parents, for very good reasons. Car wrecks are one of the leading causes of death for teens in the United States. With teenage drivers aged 16 to 19 being three times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than those 20 years and older. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Due to the factors that teenage drivers face, guardians and parents need to take extra care and precaution with picking their teenager’s first vehicle. Safety features, like Anti-Lock Braking Systems that prevent the wheel from sliding or locking up, should be considered. In addition, parents should shop for cars with Electronic Stability Control. This feature helps drivers gain control of the vehicle on slippery streets and curves. Some other features to consider are airbags (both driver and passenger sides) and seatbelt reminder systems that beep before the driver places the vehicle into gear.

On the other hand, when looking for a car that will promote your teen’s safety, there are some features and models to avoid. For example, sports cars with high performing engines cause teenage drivers to speed and push the limits of safety. Furthermore, keep in mind that SUVs and pickups are more likely to roll over in a collision.

U.S. News and World Report recently ranked the best new and used vehicles for teenagers. The publishers based their rankings on: overall quality, price, cost of ownership, predicted reliability, high safety ratings, and accident-avoidance technology. The results are below:

Best New Cars For Teenagers

2020 Honda Fit

2020 Kia Optima

2020 Toyota Corolla

2020 Hyundai Sonata

2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Best Used Cars for Teenagers

2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Camry

2017 Kia Cadenza

Best New SUVs For Teenagers

2020 Ford Escape

2020 Kia Sportage

2020 Nissan Rogue

2020 Hyundai Santa Fe

Best Used SUVs for Teenagers

2014 GMC Terrain

2015 Chevrolet Traverse

2017 Kia Sorento

2019 Hyundai Tucson

Also, when selecting the safest car, teenage drivers need to know that driving is not a right, but a privilege. That privilege includes duties and expectations. No matter which vehicle you decide on, it is basically up to the teenage driver to make responsible decisions and create a safe driving history.

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