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Do I Have A Claim if My Lyft, Uber, or Taxi Driver Was in a Car Wreck?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Yes, you can make a claim if your Uber, Lyft, or taxi-cab driver was in a car wreck while you were a passenger. Alabama law requires ride-sharing and taxi-cab companies to obtain liability insurance. If your ride-sharing driver or taxi driver caused the wreck, you will be able to hold the driver liable for your medical injuries and damages.

The Bryant Law Firm can complete the claims process for you and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. To find out how we can help, call us now at 205-267-8561 for a free case review.

Will the Ride-sharing Driver or the Ride-sharing Company Be Liable for My Damages?

Whenever a Uber or Lyft driver causes a car wreck, they are potentially liable for your damages.

Typically, Uber and Lyft normally have one million dollar insurance policies that may cover any passengers’ damages.

If an uninsured or underinsured driver causes a wreck, the ride-sharing corporation's usual one million dollar insurance coverage can also be required to pay for damages. This can also cover hit-and-run wrecks.

The Bryant Law Firm can examine your car wreck to resolve which person is at fault for the wreck and file a claim on your behalf.

Who Is Liable for My Injuries in a Taxi-cab Wreck?

Whenever a taxi-cab driver causes a wreck, it is possible that the driver of the taxi or the cab corporation, itself, are responsible for your damages. Taxi-cab companies are required by local government to have commercial insurance to cover a passenger’s damages in car wrecks. Therefore, in many cases, you can file a claim with the cab corporation’s car insurance company.

The Bryant Law Firm can examine the relationship between the taxi driver and the cab company to hold the right party liable.

Information To Collect After a Ride-sharing or Taxi-cab Wreck

As with any wreck, you should gather information pertaining to the facts at the wreck scene. This information should include:

  • The name of the ride-sharing company, i.e., Uber, Lyft, or taxi-cab driver

  • Insurance details from the Uber, Lyft, or taxi-cab driver

  • Photos of the scene and all vehicles involved

  • Injury photos

  • Copies of any police or wreck reports

Also, make sure to gather contact information for all witnesses or other drivers involved in the wreck. This information could be vital to deciding liability.

The Uber, Lyft, or Taxi-cab Driver Disputes Fault for the Wreck

…What Should I Do?

Whenever the driver argues fault, we can examine your ride-sharing or taxi-cab wreck to determine who was at fault. Using the information you gathered at the scene, we will obtain all other accessible evidence to help prove your claim for the money that you deserve. After we resolve the dispute and liability has been decided, we will negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Another Driver Caused the Wreck . . . What Next?

The at-fault driver’s car insurance company is accountable for your damages when another driver causes a wreck. It is important to get the driver’s contact information in case you need to file a claim against their insurance company for your medical injuries.

The ride-sharing or taxi-cab driver may also gather this information for insurance needs. Nevertheless, it is crucial for you to have these details for your own records rather than depend on the taxi driver to send it to you later.

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