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Defective Medical Device Claims In Birmingham, AL

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Healthcare is a critical service, and everyone needs it at some point. To meet the demands of healthcare providers and improve the quality of services, manufacturers of medical devices have over time come up with great products. In some instances, however, these devices are defective, and could or have caused injuries or even death in severe cases to many people.

If you or your loved one has suffered an injury because of defective medical devices, you should seek the help of lawyers to get compensation. Getting it, however, is not always an easy job since some manufacturers often look for ways of covering up the defect instead of recalling the device from the market. The Bryant Law Firm LLC provides legal services for patients injured due to defective medical devices.

Here are the Most Common Defective Medical Devices

While any medical device can be defective, there are common ones that have for years been causing injuries not necessarily because of your fault while using it. Just to shed light on the common cases, here are some medical devices that you should not accept liability if you are sure that it is not your fault:

  • Pain or insulin pump

  • Breast implants

  • Heart valve implants

  • Knee replacement parts

  • Pacemakers

  • Trans-vaginal mesh

Over the years, many cases reported about defective medical devices have always involved one of the above-mentioned devices. However, it does not mean that all are defective. It is just a couple of such devices from rogue manufacturers who are out to reap from unsuspecting healthcare providers and patients.

Why You Should File a Defective Medical Device Claim

Filing a claim against a manufacturer/seller of defective medical devices means holding it responsible for its neglectful actions. Besides, if someone is severely injured or even dies as a result of using the defective device, the compensation received will help in covering medical expenses and burial arrangements.

At the Bryant Law Firm LLC, we take cases involving defective medical devices seriously and always strive to ensure that the person injured is compensated for expenses as well as the emotional anguish. We’ve represented many clients and helped them get compensation for injuries and losses suffered because of defective medical devices.

Let Bryant Law Firm LLC File Your Product Liability Claim

If you have been hurt in the past by defective medical devices, and you kept quiet, then you did wrong. You ought to have sought the help of our attorneys in the Birmingham, AL area. We know how difficult such cases are especially when the manufacturer denies or hides their faults or neglectful manufacturing processes.

For immediate help, please contact our experts in the Birmingham, AL area for a free consultation and immediate action. You deserve safe medical devices and any defects in the products or devices you use that are not as a result of your action should be reported, and the manufacturer held responsible for their actions. Every patient deserves justice, and most importantly, access to safe medical devices.


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