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At the Bryant Law Firm, our clients are just like family, and we will travel to the ends of the world for our family. While working with the Bryant Law Firm, you are carried into a supportive atmosphere with an excellent track record, compassionate representation, and award-winning results.

Have you been injured? Continue reading to learn more about what the Bryant Law Firm can do to help you.
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Our team has several years of effective experience through protecting the rights of Alabamians and Georgians that have endured injuries at work, on highways, or on private property. We are committed to meticulously analyzing, investigating, and preparing your case for maximum results. 

Car Wreck /Property Damage
18 Wheeler Wreck
Bike /Motorcycle Wreck
Premise Liability
Medical Malpractice
LLC / Business


What types of cases does the Bryant Law Firm take on?
The Bryant Law Firm represents individuals who are injured because of negligence from another party. Click here for more about the types of cases the Bryant Law Firm focuses on. 
What should I do immediately after a wreck?
Your well-being and health are extremely important. Please seek medical attention before anything else, then reach out to the Bryant Law Firm, when you can.
How much time do I have to file my personal injury claim in Alabama and georgia?
Typically, you have 2 years from the date of your injury to file your claim. 
What type of compensation can I receive?
You may be entitled to compensation to cover your damaged property as a result of a personal injury. For example, this applies to car repairs, loss of use of your transportation, personal property damage, such as cell phones, laptops, and eyeglasses. You may also be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages due to missed time at work, and/or pain and suffering.

Client Testimonials

Have you been injured? Continue reading to learn more about what the Bryant Law Firm can do to help you.
Rita H.

 Bryant Law Firm's service went beyond what I expected. They actually answer the phone and care!  This was my first injury case. My daughter suffered a bad injury against a horrible large retail store. Carli fought hard to get us amazing results. Call them! 

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